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Download Windows 8 Forensic Guide

Posted on: April 18, 2012

Do you like free stuff?  Even better, how about something that might make your job easier?  If so, download the Windows 8 Forensic Guide.  It contains information on the Windows 8 user interface, Local and Roaming folder artifacts, the Communications App, and a variety of Registry locations.  Unless otherwise noted, this is also useful for Windows 7 and Vista.  The Windows 8 Forensic Guide has plenty of screen shots and hyperlinks to quickly get you where you need to be within the guide, so check it out!

8 Responses to "Download Windows 8 Forensic Guide"

[...] Over at Propeller head forensic blog you can download a Windows 8 forensic guide [...]

Thanks so much for the shout-out!

[...] folder artifacts, the Communications App, and a variety of Registry locations (…).» Source : Billets en relation : 22/04/2012. Windows 8 Forensic Guide [pdf] : [...]

Thanks so much for re-posting!

Great stuff, thanks for your work and sharing!

Thanks – I appreciate the compliment!

Amanda, thank you so much for putting up your Windows 8 research! I haven’t played with Windows 8 very much and this is really a great guide for me. Thanks again and looking forward to reading more of your work!

Great stuff. Just chanced upon this as I was searching for more information on a GUID. Keep it up..

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